Angela Thrash
Chancery Clerk

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Angela Thrash, Chancery Clerk

Duties and Responsibilities

The Chancery Clerk occupies perhaps the most unique and diverse office in all of Mississippi government. The various duties given the Chancery Clerk by statute, or assumed voluntarily by the individual Clerk, cover a wide range of vitally important functions. The duties and functions of the Chancery Clerk are governed by an elaborate assortment of statutes and court rules, along with procedures established either by the State Department of Audit or the Department of Finance and Administration.

As the Clerk of the Board of Supervisors, he records the official minutes. As Treasurer, the Clerk prepares the claims docket and payrolls for all departments of the County, and after Board approval, he writes and signs checks for payments. As public recorder, the Clerk handles the recording and storage of several types of documents and maintains various indexes which aid people in researching these records. The primary records are deeds and mortgages relating to real property, but the Clerk also records construction and condominium liens, federal tax liens, lis pendens (notices of pending lawsuits) and military discharges. The Clerk is in charge of the storage and authorized disposal of older land rolls, tax receipts and many other County records after their active use lifespan. As Clerk of the Chancery Court, the Clerk handles a multitude of tasks such as matters of estates, guardianships, conservatorships, divorces, child custody, adoption, property disputes and other matters of equity.

Statutory duties of the Chancery Clerk

About Angela

With the retirement of Chancery Clerk John McAdams, Angela decided to qualify and run for Chancery Clerk. With no other candidates attempting to, or qualifying for Chancery Clerk by the 2/1/2023 5:00 PM deadline, Angela was unopposed in the November 2023 election.

She took office on January 2nd, 2024 as the 14th Chancery Clerk of Harrison County, and the first female Chancery Clerk in Harrison County history..

Angela Thrash brings 28 years experience to this office, being the “go to person” for coordinating the business of the Chancery Clerk’s office with the various county departments and the general public.

She has worked as a Sectional Indexing Clerk in the Records Vault, Claims Clerk in the Bookkeeping Department, Recording Clerk, Supervisor of Recording Department, and Administrative Assistant to John McAdams.

Angela and her husband, Timmy Thrash, have been married for 17 years.

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