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Please choose an option below to calculate fees you are wishing to have recorded. Please note that this calculator only provides an estimate based on what you are entering. Actual fees will be calculated upon physical recording and may be different from this estimate.

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Warranty, Timber, Quitclaim, Trustee's Deeds, Deeds of Trust, Leases, Plats, Covenants, Construction Leins, Lis Pendens, Townhouse and Condominium Leins, Powers of Attorney, UCC filings in land records, Miscellaneous documents, Mobile Home Certificates, etc.


Assignment, Partial Release, Release, Amendment, Cancellation, Authority to Cancel, Amendment of Supplement to Covenants, Subordination, Modification, Substituition of Trustee Etc.
Oil & Gas Leases, Mineral Deeds, Royalty Deeds, Etc.


Oil & Gas Release / Cancellation / Assignment.

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